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Acoustic furniture that improves the acoustic comfort in the room.

Studies have shown that equipping hotel rooms with sound-absorbing furniture allows for the following effects, significantly improving the acoustic comfort of the hotel.

  • We get a better quality of conversation, we hear better and more clearly, which makes us understand others faster
  • The music you are listening to is better and cleaner
  • We receive sounds from television or radio better and more clearly
  • We increase the sense of intimacy to facilitate relaxation and regeneration, it is simply more convenient
  • We hear less noise from neighboring rooms because the rooms are better insulated

This was achieved by improving the following parameters:

  • Reduction of reverberation time by 38%
  • Average room absorption coefficient improvement by almost 60%
  • Improved display of C50 transparency (Narrow Clarity index C50)
  • Enrichment of values ​​close to the maximum value of the speech brightness index D60 (narrow definition index D50)
  • Improvement of the STI speech transmission coefficient by 0.12 (narrow speech transmission index)



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